How To Keep Your Makeup Fresh with The Seasons- A Brief Guide

How To Keep Your Makeup Fresh with The Seasons- A Brief Guide

Makeup has been of prime importance in everyday life of every woman. They seek to put on makeup to radiate glamour and enhance their beauty. Each one of them wants to look different from others, and they try to put on makeup according to the seasons. The blend of different makeup styles in different seasons is not an easy task, and you may have heard about old beauty wisdom about being a spring or summer. Previously women chose the makeup colors and styles according to their own appearance, which means their hair, eye color, and skin tone, but with each passing year, the idea of keeping the makeup fresh with the passing seasons rather than restricting yourself to a specific color has emerged, and this is consistently on-trend now. For a better understanding of which color suits which season, see the following.


Springs colors easily come to your mind when you think of it; soft pastels and natural hues are the mainstream colors that take the whole landscape in awe. Mainly after the winter, the dancing flowers remind us that the winter is finally over and a new aura of spring has just begun. You might blend in your daily routine by applying light, dewy and soft colors to your skin, which further allows natural radiance to bring your look together. Women should use an ideal foundation that creates a pale pink pigment that does not overwhelm the face with color. On the other hand, it will sharply highlight your natural features, like cheekbones and jawline, while still making eyes and lips look like they are not overdone by the makeup. You might apply softened hues that include fawn, lavender, champagne gold, and light pink to your eyes or lips. Dark colors can be used during summers but for the moment, use the light ones. A full-coverage foundation that is lightly weighted is recommended to use because the temperature starts to rise in spring.


Summers are also the best part of the year when you lounge at the poolside and sip on the margaritas with your friends. Now updating the makeup worn is a good practice, and in this season, all those trendy, fun, bright shades should come out to play. You might apply different shades ranging from neutral to bright and sassy, which will help you create a dreamy summer eye radiating bright, attention-catching looks. Moreover, summer is ideal for using bronzer in your routine, even if you can't seem to lock down that perfect tan. The most important thing to understand is that women should enjoy the sun but choose the foundation or any tinted moisturizer that contains an appropriate level of SPF because the skin is delicate and can be very destructive to direct sun exposure and cause sunburn.


There is something strange in autumn. The season itself produces numerous incredible natural shades of burgundy, shiny orange, dark yellow, and dark green iridescent. As summers cool and fade, women crave hot apple cider, cozy scarves, and fresh, clean, classic looks in colors that complement the natural shades of the season. Autumn eyes are easy to peel off as color combinations match all eye and hair colors. Combining neutral brown and peach tones with pale gold highlights creates an incredible cut pleated look that's always in the spotlight. Look for a deep burgundy velvety matte shade that goes surprisingly well with most eyeshadows for a bolder look. Use a beauty palette from premium quality Eyeshadow Palette Exporter which offers amazing shades that provide bright and cheerful colors while being the perfect example of autumn neutrals.



Winter entails a very busy schedule, and there is no time to change the makeup routine, which is wrong. It is also considered one of the most fun beauty seasons because of red, shiny silver and gold, and icy hues. Many family events are held this season, so this is a perfect time to break out your dense and shimmery gold and silver shadows paired with matte black to get metallic smoky eye looks. Blue is a color that is specially designed for winter and is used appropriately; it can create gorgeous looks that create an icy look. The incredible shades of grey muted blue, and purples can enhance your glamour and give a stunning look.