Why Matte Lipstick Dries Your Lips And What You Can Do About It?

Why Matte Lipstick Dries Your Lips And What You Can Do About It?

Matte lipstick dries your lips because it is formulated with a matte finish. There are a few things that you can do to prevent this from happening. Firstly, try using a lip balm before applying your Matte lipstick to hydrate and soften your lips. Additionally, remember that Matte lipstick will dry out quickest if applied directly from the tube or container to your lips. If you must apply matte lipstick directly to your lips, do so with a lip brush for added precision or pat it on after applying the balm. Often, we find that Matte lipstick dries out in extreme motion, especially if applied indoors and outdoors, such as trying to kiss someone in cold/humid weather conditions. This also applies when travelling by aeroplane because staying hydrated helps prevent dry lips from occurring since humidity levels are high in those environments. Lastly, Matte's finish is often drying and unforgiving because it dries your lips out faster than normal lipstick formulas would provide. Protect your luscious lips with a balm to help prevent this dryness from occurring!

Steps To Apply A Matte Lipstick:

1. Preheat your lip brush before starting

2. Inhale and apply a light coat to the centre of your lips

3. Exhale while gently pressing down with the tip of the brush in an outward direction on the outer parts of the lips.

4. Apply a second coat if desired

5. Voila! You have matte lipstick!

Applying lipstick in warm or humid environments will often help prevent it from drying out. Not only that but if you're putting your lips on record for the day/night, sometimes even just getting water into them and then washing it off before application can be helpful too!

Waterproof Lipsticks Bring Versatility To Your Dressing Table:

Waterproof lipsticks often provide a longer wear time and a more lasting look because they can resist feathering and changing color over time. They are also great for those who do not want to wear lipstick throughout the day but still want a matte finish! Furthermore, they help lock in hydration levels and keep your lips feeling soft all day long - perfect for anyone looking to hydrate their luscious lips! Often, Waterproof Lipstick Manufacturer produces them with oils and waxes that can aid in keeping your lips moisturized. Also, some lipstick formulas will give off a protective barrier on the surface of your lips which helps lock hydration into the formulation (this is why it's important to exfoliate!). The result is long-lasting sets while feeling amazing!

Waterproof Is Good To Wear In Summer:

There's no denying that summertime is the time for being proactive with your skincare routine, and when it comes to lips, we think that wearing waterproof lipstick throughout the day might just be what you need! Not only will this give you the look of fuller, smoother lips, but it can also help to avoid any unwanted dryness or chapping. Additionally, because some of our favourite shades during hot weather include matte colours (and there's nothing wrong with that!), wearing matte lipstick will help keep your lips looking their best for hours on end. Whether you're hitting the beach or just spending the day outside, don't forget to pack your favourite waterproof lipsticks!

Waterproof Lipsticks Are A Great Way To Wear Your Favorite Shades:

Shades that had been wearing off throughout the day? You don't have to worry about them running or fading away with waterproof lipsticks, as these last for hours at a time. From neutral tones like nudes and browns, it's completely possible to get the exact shade (or close!) without having one wash out of tact! There is no need to look over your face across the lunch table or at your brother's new argyle shirt. As you reminisce about a stressful event that happened days prior and wish for it to go away, waterproof lipsticks are filled with their own set of benefits.

Many Celebs Have A Must Go At Waterproof And Matte Lipsticks:

From Kendall Jenner to Hailee Steinfeld, many of Hollywood's biggest stars have been known to rock the matte lip look. And while we can't say that everyone out there has followed suit, we guess that it just makes sense when you think about it! A good Matte Lipstick will help keep your lips hydrated and prevent them from becoming dry or chapped, so you'll stay looking fresh through every activity (or lack thereof)! Plus, if you're in the market for a new shade, matte lipsticks are likely to be your best bet - something that's especially true when it comes to colors like neutrals and blacks. No matter what your style may be, we believe that there's at least one waterproof lipstick on this list that will fit the bill!



Pack your favourite matte lipsticks because makeup is always a great way to bring out your unique beauty! Whether you're looking for a product to help prevent dryness or want something that will stand up against the sun and other elements, waterproof lipsticks are perfect for those times when you don't have time to reapply throughout the day. So go ahead - pack some of your fav shades and enjoy wearing them in ways that wouldn't be possible without the protection they offer!