Why We Use Makeup Foundation And How to Choose Right One!

Why We Use Makeup Foundation And How to Choose Right One!

When we talk about makeup, normally people are introduced to aside from mascara or lip balm as the foundation. This product (foundation) is commonly used by almost every woman who is using makeup. It is for face makeup. But we feel still lots of people do not know what is makeup foundation actually. Below you can learn what is foundation and how it’s an important product for you to have in your regular makeup. 


What is foundation makeup?


As we mentioned above, foundation is one of the common face makeup products. Foundation is used to create a base all over the face.  Basically, the purpose of using foundation is to create the groundwork for the entire makeup look, such as to correct your skin tone, blur imperfections, etc. 


Which makeup foundation is best?


We try to cover a few most common types of makeup foundations to 


Liquid Foundation:

If you have large patches on your face, so the liquid foundation would be a very good choice for you, because liquid foundation provides the most coverage. 


Powder Foundation:

If we talk about oily skin, so the powder foundation would be good for you. As it is best used on oily skin without even too many fine lines. Normally make artists use powder foundation to reduce the shine or oily effect on the skin. The best tip to use is, just don't apply it on the whole face. Because it looks like real skin if you apply it lightly with a brush. 


Cream Foundation:

The cream foundation comes in a spray bottle. And it is for those people who had acne scarring, or mature skin. So when you apply it on the face cream foundation fills in the surface and creates a fresh look like a doll.


Stick Foundation:

Stick foundation is a very good option for you if your goal is just covering your blemishes. It is very easy to use and comes in a stick. You can easily carry it in your makeup bag or even in your handbag.  

It can also be applied as concealers. The best practice is to do a light layer all over the face and buildup the coverage only in the specific areas. That way still provides you a fresh and flawless skin. 


There are various other types of makeup foundations available in the market. But we discussed only a few, which are commonly used 


What is the importance of foundation makeup?


Foundation is one of the most important products of makeup because as we mentioned above, it provides a base for a whole look. As it is useful to fill the surface & creates smooth skin to give a fresh look.


Where are most makeup foundations manufactured?


China’s Guangdong province is one of the largest hubs producing cosmetics in the world. only the Asia-Pacific region has a 39% market share in the cosmetics industry. My Color Cosmetics is a leading makeup foundation manufacturer in China. As they established in the year 1998 as a cosmetic brand. They produce high-quality cosmetic products and export globally.