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Quality Assurance

5g color is known around the world as the leading manufacturer of these top class, waterproof lipsticks, and this is because of the fact that we use only the most organic products while manufacturing these lipsticks. All the ingredients that are used while manufacturing these waterproof lipsticks are of top quality. To further ensure the quality of our product, we have a team of highly expert individuals who perform the quality check at every stage of manufacturing and who also test the material for being completely organic and free from any harmful chemicals or toxins that can damage the skin. Thus, providing the best quality waterproof lipsticks to our customers.

Variety Of Colors

Our unique, top quality waterproof lipstick is available in a variety of unique colours that one can select from, providing a wide range of shades that are unique and elegant and can go along with your daily theme. Offering a wide range of waterproof lipsticks to our customers allows customers to select the best lipsticks that can go along with your theme or occasion.

Wholesale Rates

We are known around the world as the top Wholesale waterproof lipstick supplier that produces a variety of amazing shades of waterproof lipsticks that are the best in terms of quality; not only do we ensure these factors, but we also make sure to provide the lowest possible wholesale rates in the whole world. Our wholesale rates are not just limited to the bulk orders, but we also provide the lowest wholesale rates for even the low MOQs.