Powder Foundation

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My Colour Cosmetics Inc is the leading brand of makeup foundation that makes the most flawless foundations for all skin types. We have mastered creating the best formula for the smoothest looking flawless makeup foundations that have changed the face of the world. They provide full coverage and conceal every flaw that is blemishes, acne, or redness, perfectly making your skin look flawless. They even out your skin tone and clear all the color pigmentations in different areas of your face. Their formula is made to be moistening to moisture your skin and doesn’t dry out on your face making cracks or wrinkle lines. Besides this, whatever your skin type or color is, we have a foundation shade for you. Waterproof, transfer-proof, sweatproof, smooth-looking makeup foundations with perfect consistency. 

What Makes Our Foundation Different From Others

The makeup foundations we have made are proven to provide full pore coverage, and moisture conceal. Their texture is easy to apply to the face with anything, be it with a beauty blender or a brush. It covers all your skin, not just the smooth parts but the parts with acne, redness, pigmentation, or anything else. We also have a wide variety of shades that include oyster green, soft xi purple, natural color, ivory white, and many more for skin colors ranging from ivory to dark. These foundations will also cover your dark circles, pores, acne marks, and nasal alar. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the best of the best makeup foundations and embrace your skin color. Order from a leading Cosmetics Manufacturer and get amazing rates.

Premium Quality Foundations And Exclusive Services

We have certification for our makeup foundations, and thus our foundations are proven to be perfectly friendly for all skin types as they will cause no harm at all. Apart from the premium quality of our makeup foundations and their benefits, another eye-catching thing about them is their wholesale price. You will get the experience of the pricy foundations without actually having to pay hefty amounts. We also offer OEM and ODM services for all our customers living in any part of the world. In ODM, we can do brand building, product consulting, product architecture, product development, product packaging, and other process-related services. In OEM, you can get logo customizations, OEM canning, new product R&D, and other OEM services. We provide worldwide delivery of our foundations through air or sea and for MP orders through DHL, TNT, FedEx, etc.